Building Solutions

Is proud to be the leading turnkey metal building solutions provider in Karnataka having more than 8 years of experience in the field of pre engineered steel building construction, roofing & cladding system , ACP & glazing systems.

Today we are pioneered in providing turnkey metal building constructions with integrated and modern facilities for design, manufacture,supply and project execution capabilities. We are specialized in supply and erection of pre engineered buildings, roofing and cladding systems for commercial and residential purpose.

Pre-Engineered Buildings

are designed as percustomers requirement pre fabricated at our facilities,supplied and erected at project location. Each building is designed and constructed in accordance with the Indian Standards for applicable live loads, dead loads, wind loads, seismic factors and all collateral loads as per need.

These are suitable for industrial buildings,commercial buildings, warehouses, workshops, auditoriums or any high rise and high span building.

Cladding Systems

In the history of modern roofing systems & wall cladding systems in India, there is one name that is surely emerging as one of the pillars of design excellence in architectural products i.e METRISE.

We provide Metal cladding, ACP cladding, and Glazing for industrial and commercial buildings. Our cladding system as an attractive first impression for your buildings.

Building Accessories

Metrise offers a complete range of world-class building solutions: roofing, ceiling, wall, flooring, cladding, door and pre-engineered steel buildings for the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

We also provide solutions for sky lighting, turbo and ridge ventilation systems, Doors, Windows, Shutters, Partitions as per need.

Roofing System

We provide low cost and durable roofing systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

These are constructed normally using Pipe / tube sections as primary and secondary framing and galvalume sheets for roofing. These roof structures are light weight, long lasting but can be called as temporary structures allowing to use maximum floor area without violating floor space rules and regulations. These roof structures can be Arc type, A- type, Hip type depending on requirement of customer